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TOPIC: Sun Wu goes toward to forge letter ascend

Sun Wu goes toward to forge letter ascend 10 months 3 weeks ago #3620

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ll and soft looking at her on the side, from eyes inside guess oneself this helped a lord to probably have some to fancy Yang Qiu, can how to there should do seedling miss?Besides from these people even if is Devon Travis Youth Jersey clime to with somebody else relation, make reference to bottom is also river's lake just to get along of, which can go together with up such aly?So the heart bottom secretly sighs tone and suddenly discover gold Lai while abouting to speak words to lead to open her attention the Li appears at front, originally wanted to immediately make moves, but thoughted of Chen Hao Hui's warning, temporarily didn't know how to do as well.
The Rui precious jade also saw the figure of the Li of gold Lai at this time, because make up so didn't recognize out a while, just felt that this figure acquaints with very much, so the attention slowly concentrated to come over, the foot also silently walked up several steps.
On the deck, the Dominic Leone Youth Jersey thunder is fierce silently order after noding, Yang Qiu this just move forward to walk to the gangway.
Soup's turning a dragon has never seen Sun Wu wait a person, can crustily the skin of head took the officials to head for gangway and saw Yang Qiu down immediately say:"Welcome Yang Xun to make back, you are to don't know, this period of time you went to Shanghai, my etc.ses all had no lord heart bone."
Yang Qiu holds his hand, tiny tiny a smile:"The soup minister is very kind, Chen China is young, in the future still keep wanting to depend everyone more to help Chen more."
See have no in his face different, the soup turns a dragon to greatly loosen tone:"Cruise to make young hero, went to a trip Shanghai and can buy to come back so many ocean machines and see to our Hubei once Ezequiel Carrera Youth Jersey wanting a nice day!Can get you to lead our three provinceses, really is that I wait it luckily, Hubei luckily matter."
"The soup minister isn't laughing at me, the Li Du wants the Nanking was a deputy president, three domestic affairses in the province in the future still want to be helped more Chen more by soup minister and everybody."
"Yes, Zhu new you are the expert hand of domestic affairs."Soup's turning a dragon is just wanting again polite, suddenly see stand down again in the gangway a 40 many year old, wear to fix attention on a mirror appearance cultured man, Yang Qiu introduction way:"I introduce for everybody, this is Sir Zhang Bing Lin, he has already promised to serve as my Zi government staff."
Chapter Bing Lin?Chapter bedlamite!The soup turned a dragon to immediately think of world-renown because of 《refute capable theory revolution of Kang book 》 , almost still up settle a person of set.This was a the Francisco Liriano Youth Jersey speech of didn't hate and heard at the beginning in Japan still lead with noisy Sun Wern, the speech vehemence lambastes a party the person don't do proper business, deceitful revolution!So be recruited by Yang Qiu for the staff how to also think impassability to him.
The chapter is too burning ha ha on smiling, in fact he promises Yang Qiu to be a staff is also want to come to see this young man exactly will walk to arrive what extent, see the soup turn a dragon stunned speechless ha ha a smile:"Zhu lately old younger brother, don't welcome my this crazy person to Hubei?"
"How can.The chapter elder brother can come to our Hubei and turn a dragon happy still too late."The soup turned a dragon to hurriedly beat ha ha, but the in the mind have been worried to death, the chapter is too burning to isn't ordinary people, if the mistake harms him perhaps unlike kill Yang
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