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TOPIC: well is which unscrupulous goods

well is which unscrupulous goods 10 months 3 weeks ago #3632

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n railroad walks expensive north can our Guizhou and E Xiang Chuan three province contact, if can fix a branch line to go down south Guiyang at the same time, even connect to Yunnan, so we southwest each province even if Be getting more united at heart."
The Chiu text Bin says:"You Jack Leathersich Youth Jersey this viewpoint and commander be like very much, his meaning is to fix man Chuan road first, lead two years Be getting richer and then all contact Guiyang and Kunming, had better contact up Guangxi and Guangdong, words like this we south various province also the efficiency unite first to put together, need not be like now like this afraid northern side."
"Northern side?Are you to all vanquish north ocean?How to still say this kind of words?"Huang Ze Lin asks a way.
Probably also only he Jacob Hannemann Youth Jersey dared to speak this kind of words and vanquished don't represent at a time and then can have been vanquishing, besides north ocean after eating this Kui next time beat affirmation again is a Qing to make an effort and say:"Huang Xiong doesn't despise north ocean, we exchange blows to win what to depend to is a commander before starting an uprising and then start deploying, and then deep-fried Wu Sheng Guan to break his food way, even if like this also paid the price of the soldier death and harm of more than 16,000 people, old eight townses are also near death and harm halfs, all is come out by human life heap."
Huang Ze Lin's Jake Arrieta Youth Jersey seeming don't listen to a words of meaning, say with smile:"Is regrettable we didn't catch up, all the Du mansion all ordered to have 5,000 troops and horseses to prepare to support you at that time and just prepared to started on journey and then spread small Cang mountain overwhelming victory, if we Qian soldier at ha ha, all perhaps started Northern Expedition."
The Chiu text Bin bursts out laughing and laugh behind one's back this old friend too"self-confidence", call two Huais for the hyphen now the strongest, Xu Shao Zhen none of revolutionary army in Jiangsu of true knife true gun bloody battle Nanking city dares Kua this kind of, hurriedly warning way:"Huang Xiong doesn't want to despise north ocean."
See him a face advise Wei, Huang Ze Lin suddenly roars with laughter:"I this is with text Bin do you play trick!You and north the ocean did a , also not interest I envy envy?We the Qian soldier has how many energies Jake Buchanan Youth Jersey don't I still know?Don't say and you the national defense soldier compare, even if being Dian soldier, laurel soldiers is all stronger than us.Is particularly Cais all Du heard to buy a lot of ammunition with French after taking a post, the machine gun had several ten stand, see southern side according to me probably also only Dian soldier ability the peter ascended you."
"You were this guy, poured to make me white to worry.Go, I also arrived and remembered that the tomorrow helps me again and all Du said, the brothers this time come to always can not get empty to begin to return to."Chiu text Bin ha ha on smiling, saw the Yi building arriving and immediately uncovering car Lian to jump down wagon after pounding his one punch.Can just get off, the felling of that discomfort floated to come up again and swept to see and discover on all sides seeming to be particularly quiet down the avenue, twisting a head to ask a way:"Huang Xiong, did you relieve a soldier tube to make?Who does this road return in the evening to patrol?"
"The soldier tube makes and have no?Guiyang is a bit not that even recently, do I how can relieve."Huang Ze Lin stretches out a head to see a front and discovers
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