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TOPIC: private to also all stare big eyes.Seeing

private to also all stare big eyes.Seeing 10 months 3 weeks ago #3750

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e mouthful:"What things, Japanese Zha?The Japanese is rich, make oneselfs much self-contained!Wait Yang Qiu to be a southwest king, you cry!"
Helpless and beyond <a href="www.bluejaysonlinefans.com/authentic-marcus-stroman-jersey">Marcus Stroman Youth Jersey</a> the power to care southwest in Peking, Guiyang battles out a war also and gets into most key stage.
The Guiyang city landscape in morning receives, is all trace of vigorous combat everywhere, the shell emblazed wood quality house, wood and ashes of burned black are everywhere all BE, a night in disorder the war let human nature thoroughly vanish, particularly kill red the Dian soldier of eye go into the city is behind kill more to burn to plunder without restraint break.Lying on the avenue is full corpse, in addition to soldier, still have many common run of people, the male men and women female is all a lot of naked body, a see be bullied but die.
City the east is <a href="www.bluejaysonlinefans.com/authentic-mat-latos-jersey">Mat Latos Youth Jersey</a> blasted open of Huo place, a few corpses of national defense soldier warriors lie so, the blood stain follows piece of stone to dye red under the body of broken tiles, they still have many Dian soldiers on all sides corpse.Was a to take the piece of stone and the common people's houses as the temporary battlefield covering to become a guidance camp the defense line, a night finally, the Ao war lets to teach the camp how to reduce a member to be close to 1/3 and match with of the Qian soldier only could not remain 400 people, the big parts are taking advantage o to secretly escape indiscriminately last night.The mark Qin heavy machine gun stretches out gun tube from the blind side, the machine gun and everyone is checking bullet, take while coming out original consume not much have already seen bottom quickly for a night.
"Mama Ba Zi, early as possible surrender!"
"Opposite brothers, <a href="www.bluejaysonlinefans.com/authentic-matt-dermody-jersey">Matt Dermody Youth Jersey</a> you could not escaped and paid Xie Lao Tze don't kill you!"
The Dian soldier of several hundred meters outside confrontation hides in the bunker to loudly appeal to the public small call, look like satisfied and extraordinary be physically beaten by the machine gun afraid, particularly is a national defense soldier that stand mark Qin, basically is non- solution hard nut to crack.
The Chiu text Bin will freeze the very hard plain wheat roll after filling into the mouth pointed distance.Follow his finger ambiguously see fog inside several No.10 Dian soldiers in spirit drag along to come to twos 57 millimeters of lead mountain cannon, see big gun iron living and then get angry, because does this kind of a big gun still a man sun factory build!
"Bombard, caution. <a href="www.bluejaysonlinefans.com/authentic-mike-bolsinger-jersey">Mike Bolsinger Youth Jersey</a> "The cry voice just rang out, the distance had two regiment flames for the Shan.The explosion voice that bombs Long Long loudly makes one, the shell keeps starting downfall, light of fire four splash, the nitric smoke fill the air, every where horizontal fly of play a slice to wreak havoc between the crowd, be like the sickle of mowing the wheat to wipe the soldier's top of head sweep, control breath not and well and even be directly shot Gao Gao Pao to fly to go out.
Because the distance is too far, the machine gun beats in the past just waste bullet, let to teach the camp officers and men how to have enough of have no the bitterness of big gun, can die to grasp Dian soldiers like gun,etc blunt come up, can this time the opponent also learn the ways of world, slowly don't come up to allow big gun list stem and see behind city outside again come to several doors, Chiu the text Bin is some hasty, immediately take a person follow the city wall round in the past and prepared to polish off positive these two cann
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