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TOPIC: factory of their man head the top still sent

factory of their man head the top still sent 10 months 3 weeks ago #3751

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Yong Wei's of course not knows these, he the contact that know now three to save is unimpeded a lot of, in addition to the troops outside even allotted three provincial governments in the province one set appropriation, Mike Matheny Youth Jersey make up wired telegram shortage.But he wait here today not for the sake of government contact, but is waiting the news of Guiyang.Is original this should be the work that the soldier works secretary Chen Guo Fu, can that boy accompany to cruise to make to take part in long the sand university school begins ceremony, so he comes right away here to immediately after wait for.
War in Guizhou affected much public, the autonomy learned an agency overnight the news being massacred almost exhausted made their these people all red eyes, a government get the province class of central Mike Shannon Youth Jersey government approbation, be had no omen so drive bloody break up, let public pain of at the same time also make everyone feel keenly to make stronger revolution is a how difficult time affair, so mean an approbation towards sending army to everyone in Guizhou, even if at last can not bring into national defense soldier system, have to also rebuild a government of stability.
The telegram room is very busy, particularly is to this time cruise three provinces, so especially two set wirelesses with go, used for military authority and government respectively.Enter Orlando Cepeda Youth Jersey persons who pass in and outs to all know him, see he sit today at spare time of for use by the military radio station before, can guess at wait what, the head quarter asks 1:"There is news?"
Dong Yong Wei shakes, computes originally to receive telegram yesterday on time, can go to now five teachers a trip of the telegrams didn't arrive, will can't have an accident?Hear Cai Song Po's that day originally the sergeant school graduates of brilliant student, can even if suffer a los to can't hurt, either even telegram all hair don't come out of situation.Eye's telling time has already Ozzie Smith Youth Jersey led noon, the new university schools begins ceremony all be over, a burst of slightly tick-tock voice suddenly will he from arouse of run pass by.
The telegram member replied a few monosyllabic Chiens first, confirm the identity of the other party start hard listenning behind, this is a remarkable work, come to national defense university for two months from the navy adjusted to gather a telegram member and translated to give or get an electric shock a member behind just unwillingly start to develop a , so each telegram member is the elite in the national defense soldier.The telegram member flies shorthand bottom note after, from the personal small bag in took out a code book, this work originally should from translated and give or get an electric shock member to do, can translate to give or get an electric shock a member shortage now, so temporarily have him to have a part-time job.
When after telegram be translated, the telegram member has already led off to arouse to move and pass the note to Dong Yong Wei, it is malicious to knead the next fist:"Director, Guiyang took down!"
A Guiyang took down and a short moment blew about the haze of everyone's at heart as the strong breeze, a good many's present military officer shot palm reading celebrated, Dong Yong Wei is also all the way small to run to rush at stable, and he wants to send the telegram to Yang Qiu in momentary.
His speed is really very quick, just finished taking part in white the deer academy changed to Yang Qiu who grew sand university ceremony to just end to cut the ribbon, got hold of lateness to arrive
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