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TOPIC: adopting of Zhai son inside does business

adopting of Zhai son inside does business 10 months 2 weeks ago #3803

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Yao, at the moment he already complete be Chen Hao Hui as an oneself person, say:"Or the Hao Hui see far!"After finishing saying, immediately twist a head to scold a way:"His mama of, return what does the Leng wear Chris Smith Youth Jersey stem?All wear good pants for me!Stay a regiment to garrison, other persons immediately set out to Guilin.Tell soldier, Guilin is to save city, have plenty of woman and silver!Who dare to dawdle here, Lao Tze shot to death him!"
Tang after in the outside, the fierce Yao's the Dian soldier Di department becomes of the military police force immediately start issuing on order.Chen Hao Hui sees a form finally is to loosen tone, at least melt how can little was ordered to torment, can Guilin but destine and welcome a nightmare.
Six glory courts still Dalton Pompey Youth Jersey don't know more than 100 kilometers outside of melted Anne to take place what, Guangxi isn't a flourishing business lake widely and river Zhe, telegram can in the Guilin, Liu Zhou and south rather etc. minority of big cities deliver.The weather of the hot and dry lets he the felling whole body is uneasiness, the Pu in the hand tried very hard to of wave, also let servant girl to help, can still feel the dry fire Be difficult to eliminate, seem have what matter want to take place similar.
This be not what good sign, he first half generation the son maneuver Vietnam many is had narrow escape from death by this kind of intuition, so add to feel not feel at ease more.But think to want to clean and Danny Barnes Youth Jersey have already been seen by oneself have eyes fixed on of the outside of Wang Zhi Xiang, should not have important event, either?The proper his hand touches teapot, the door outside lets as the running voice of war drum while preparing to eliminate fire with the cool tea he surprised station get up.
"Daddy!Not like, important event!"
The young man of a square head in the doorway big ear after seeing him immediately yelled, also don't wait to inquire Chen Bing 焜 and Tan Hao clearly also the running of air strain come in.Tan Hao is clearly Guangxi to cruise to keep camp tube from taking and rule over six camps inside the province to cruise to defend a soldier, a laurel soldier the outside is the biggest of armed, also shout a way after seeing him:"Father-in-law's adult not like, that old bastard of Wang Zhi Xiang revolted!BE taking a person horse to take the offensive Liu Zhou Cheng!"
"I hold his maternal grandmother!"A listen to Wang Zhi Xiang revolt, six glory courts looked green and scolded a way:"Jiao!Let the second help a malicious dozen to me, send telegram who held tight this old bastard, Darrell Ceciliani Youth Jersey Lao Tze appreciated him 1,002, rise a tube to take!"
Square head the big ear young man is the son of six glory courts to call six Yu Xuns, the Yuan a life time Kai has already called to press him to leave for Peking to work for many times, is the means that keeps watch on six glory courts.He the similar to the old dad temperament is fair and just, for the sake of six glory courts can have been doing Dus all have already promised to start on journey by the end of the month, but unexpectedly will run into this matter.The father and son a pair similar temper is fierce, scold a way:"Rise fart!Liu Zhou Er helps a report, in addition to Wang Zhi Xiang's horse of 2,000 people, they saw a more than 3,000 Qians soldier!Still have big gun and many machine guns!Now two help be blocked up in inside the city all don't go."
"Qian soldier?"
Hear this words, six glory courts connect a son to speak that the languages all ignored, the facial expression beca
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