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TOPIC: incredibly make this young strong

incredibly make this young strong 1 year 1 month ago #3836

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heck for a while Jiang Zhi Qing's corpse, turn over an a few Japanese boat tickets, will check two gold bars copying out to hand over to German soldier who protect the spot again, German soldier immediately Steve Pearce Youth Jersey wreathed in smiles of intentionally once turn round go to after, he just immediately from the Dou in take out a train ticket:"The train will open right away and changed Zhang Xian in the city after getting to Peking Zhang Jia Kou, commander horse and Anne's chief will wait you over there."
"In addition to pass, Mogolian region?"The river once connects maple ticket tiny tiny a smile:"Northwest knife guest, pass east beard, ha ha I early wanted to touch."On smiling, he saw Jiang Zhi Qing whom the eye eyeball drum Tu refuses to close eyes in death and handed over to the military officer all soldier stings and weapon, and then changed body clothes to take everyone walks toward Troy Tulowitzki Youth Jersey the train station to, the military officer also immediately starts to grasp burden, disappearance at confusion of the person flow in.
Inside the beautiful second association mansion, Yang Qiu still doesn't know train station occurrence of one act, he just at and Ma Kui, often four etc. person's chat:"This to Kui eldest brother horse and often four Yes, if not that you adjust a degree in the outer circle, Yang Mou perhaps doesn't dare to step into Wei in Tienjin as well."
Ma Kui ha ha Aaron Loup Youth Jersey say with smile:"The commander felt at home with us and said to I still need to thank you, a little bit ex- days are sour to carry on the back in carefree waist in Chongqing painful, it is much ater ease to this time come out to walk to pour, I see to is really the busy life of a groom."
He is an impedimenta soldier birth, the troops insides all took care of impedimenta before soldier call"groom", but along with Yang Qiu's this"groom" more and more dazzling, impedimenta the soldiers walked to where all stuck out chest a title, in that manner seem they were national defenses soldier the Di fastenned generally, plused a national defense soldier to particularly value logistics, more and more made these guys satisfied and uncommon, so everyone heard this sentence, all ha ha smile, even smile Yang Qiu Nao Nao head.
Ma Kui also smiled by himself/herself, this time he after coming out satisfy also really has some not to want to return to do the sinecure that the Jing has area commander and asks a way:"Commander, Aaron Sanchez Youth Jersey this time we and north is the ocean to thoroughly turn over a face, connected down how to do?You can't send me Chongqing once again?"
"There is really an important event needing eldest brother horse to run 1."Yang Qiu's air seriously get up, walk to the ex- map to point at to say:"The Anne country beam has already taken to ride under the disguise of monger of large unit horizontal wear Shaanxi, calculate after ten days and should be able to arrive greatly and together according to time.Zhang Jia Kou has our contact members, the square Rui has already organized as well the person buys a more than 1,000s good horse in horse City, I hope that eldest brother horse can take me to make a trip and immediately go to greatly and together remit to match Anne country beam after arriving, then go to too and saw Yan tin mountain at first."
"Shanxi matters to a graveness, if the Yan tin mountain would like to cooperate, this battle we won 60%!"Yang Qiu stops to start and hope Ma Kui's vision dignified:"Eldest brother horse sees his generation, I turn to tell, if he would like to join us, I not only give he drawing up of sixth teacher, and promise
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