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TOPIC: Raiders quarterback Carl average annual salary of

Raiders quarterback Carl average annual salary of 3 months 3 weeks ago #10151

"cheap jerseys cheap hockey jerseysTiger bashing June 11 hearing Oakland Raiders quarterback Drake - Karl's contract extension is very interesting.

Carl and the Raiders are not eager to get the contract, and Carl has been determined if it can not be completed before training camp in late July they will not renew negotiations regarding the renewal of the new season.cheap soccer jerseys

Despite the limited exchanges between the two sides to media reports, the two sides still expected to reach a consensus.

And when they reached a consensus Karl will get paid a record.cheap soccer jerseys

NFL official website reporter Ian - Ian Rapoport reported on Friday if the Raiders contract with Carl, Karl could become the first average annual salary of $ 25 million quarterback.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew - Mubarak is now at an average annual salary of $ 24.

6 million in the first league.cheap soccer jerseys

Of course, like Carl and Mubarak is one of the top league of young quarterbacks, but the difference is that with Mubarak, he led the American League one of the few branches have the capacity and the defending champion New England Patriots team pull one wrist.

But Carl's salary to more than Mubarak, as well as a barrier.

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk - Cousins ​​is a franchise tag player, Rapoport represents a contract between them may re-establish the benchmark price.

Cousins ​​and the Redskins have signed long before the July 15 deadline.cheap soccer jerseys

If Cousins ​​signed before this date about the success, the Raiders have less than two weeks to negotiate a new contract before the deadline set by Carl own.

In any case, there is no doubt that Carl and eventually signed a long-Raiders.

Now just when and how much the contract issue.

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