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TOPIC: flame retardancy

flame retardancy 6 months 1 week ago #4283

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<p>The main components of neutral refractory Neutral refractory is not accidentally neutral refractory What is the main component? 1 Neutral refractory with alumina, chromium oxide or carbon as the main Mdf Bead Board Planks to Wall component. More than 95% alumina-containing corundum products is a wide range of high-quality refractory materials. Chromium oxide brick as the main component of the steel slag corrosion resistance, but poor thermal shock resistance, high temperature load deformation temperature is low. Carbonaceous refractories are carbon bricks, graphite products and silicon carbide products, the series of low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature strength, anti-acid and salt erosion, especially with weak acid and alkali have Better resistance, free from metal and slag wetting, light weight.</p><p> Widely used as a high temperature lining material, but also for petroleum, chemical autoclave lining. What are the characteristics of heat-resistant concrete? Not by chance heat-resistant concrete What are the characteristics? 1 Heat-resistant concrete is a kind of special fence panels online uk concrete that can withstand high temperature for a long time. It is made of refractory aggregate, cementitious materials (sometimes mineral admixtures or organic admixtures) and water, and the water is prepared according to a certain proportion , By ramming or vibration molding, hardening, curing, drying and obtained a certain strength of refractory products. Bauxite, spent refractory bricks, blast furnace slag, etc. are usually used as aggregates, and alumina cement, Portland cement, phosphoric acid and water glass are used as the cementitious materials.</p><p> According to the different aggregate materials and cementitious materials, heat-resistant concrete is divided into many types. Its composition is different, the nature is different, so the scope of use is also different. This refractory product has the following advantages over refractory bricks: Rapid generation of strength at ambient brown wood grain composite wall board temperature and no reduction at operating temperature. The utility model has the advantages of simple preparation process, casting into various shapes in situ, reducing the brickwork cracks</p><p>simplifying the structure and simplifying the brick type so as to reform the masonry work, Speed ​​up the construction speed. Heat-resistant concrete has been tried on coke ovens for many years, mainly used as risers and door lining brick, roof rail pillow, instead of clay brick, also used as coke oven top pavement. According to the different parts, the ingredients are also different. Heat-resistant concrete on the coke oven trial time is not long, but it has shown some advantages, but there are also some shortcomings, such as the load softening temperature is not Plastic Sheet for Railings high enough, the use of a layer of peeling phenomenon.</p>
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