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TOPIC: Epoxy resin properties

Epoxy resin properties 1 year 1 week ago #4286

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<p>Mitsubishi Chemical PC transparent flame retardant - Mitsubishi Chemical National Mitsubishi provides professional transparent flame retardant (EF-42), itself has a certain flame retardancy, based on the relative molecular wooden floor UAE mobile mass and grafting, oxygen Index of 21% - 24%, flame retardant performance of UL-94 V-2 level, better than common plastic, although the PC can be self-extinguishing, but still difficult to meet certain applications such as television sets, computers, printers, chassis And components, transformer coils, automotive components, building materials, etc.</p><p> on the PC flame retardant performance requirements. In addition, the hot melt dripping from the PC during burning can easily cause nearby materials to catch fire. To this end, the PC must be modified flame retardant. At present, the flame retardant Wood Plastic Trellis Projects commonly used in PC is mainly divided into bromine, organophosphorus, silicon, sulfonate, boron and the like. Bromine-based flame retardants have been gradually restricted because of their environmental pollution. </p><p>Phosphorus flame retardants added in large quantities: 10% -30%, the majority of the decomposition temperature is relatively low, easy to corrosion mold, and some will affect composite deck putty the resin impact strength, even worse at higher temperatures will lead to yellow PC material , Organophosphorus flame retardant generally used for PC / ABS alloy. Organosilicon compounds are considered as a highly efficient, non-toxic, low-smoke, environmentally friendly flame retardant.</p><p> But the higher cost, often with other flame retardant compound used. Boron flame retardant flame retardant efficiency is not high, usually only with polysiloxane and can achieve better results. Sulfonate flame retardants have a high flame retardancy and can achieve a UL 94 V-0 rating (3.2mm thickness) with very small additions, but are required to be compounded with other flame retardants to meet even higher flame retardancy use. EF-42 (potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate) eco friendly deck supplies south australia is a high-quality flame retardant designed for transparent PC.</p>
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